Leontien Jansen

Coach (dyslexia, EMDR, BMW), trainer, applied psychologist and entrepreneur


Function: Coach and trainer

Email address: [email protected]

Phone number: 06 41627165

Website: https://loenteincoacht.nl

Residence: Eindhoven


I learned to make my dyslexia (neurodiversity) one of my qualities. All through my school years there was a problem around language. At the age of 23, during my college education, I decided to have myself tested for dyslexia.

Despite the difficult label of dyslexia, I was relieved. Now there was an explanation for why I felt stupid. I sought counseling and found that there was little or nothing to be found for adults with dyslexia. Years later I came to appropriate help which helped me tremendously. And I also felt myself really coming into my own.

Now I have made this my job. Helping others find the power of dyslexia and explore what dyslexia can do for them. As a coach, I help you discover and apply another piece of dyslexia (neurodiversity) and yourself.