EBW is the European Brains@Work Foundation

People with neurodiverse brains have special qualities. Although these regularly do not come out in work situations. Unknown makes unloved. Therefore, adequate knowledge about people with special brains in the work field is necessary, because knowledge is the basis for understanding. European Brains @ Work was established to disseminate that knowledge and to support its application.

And by neurodivers we mean EBWpeople with one or more of the following characteristics: AD(H)D, dyslexia, dyscalculia, autism and giftedness.

The practice for employees with a special brain is often characterized by a mismatch between expectations and reality. On the basis of good intelligence, it is expected that you can achieve everything at that level, but what if all properties are not distributed on average? Daily practice is often dominated by stigmatisation, under-utilisation, absenteeism and increased risk of burn-out due to a lack of knowledge.

EBW wants to change this situation by primarily providing education to employers. This allows them to discover, develop and utilize the talents of people with special brains. The benefits include lower absenteeism, higher productivity and sustainable employability.

How do we work?

EBW Facilitates this information site with employer guides, information about the brain and useful research reports and links.

In addition, if you would like more specific information, e.g. for specific practical information in a defined work situation, please let us know.

EBW maintains a network of coaches, trainers and professionals specialized in the individual counseling of people with special brains in the work situation. We also maintain contact with partners in Europe.

If you are looking for specific presentations and workshops on how people with a special brain can better come into their own and remain employable, for specific teams, departments, management, HR, please contact

[email protected]

Have you been unable to find information about neurodiversity and work on the website? Or do you have specific questions? Please let us know so that we can inform you and also optimize this website.



The European Brains @ Work foundation, also calledEBW, was established on 9 January 2017. The foundation has its registered office in Amsterdam.

The composition of the board is as follows:

Geo van Dam--

AnneMarie Preusting - secretary-

Hans van de Velde - treasurer-.



EBW aims to inform and support employers about using the qualities of people with a special brain. We do this through information on the website, education and practical support from our active ambassadors.

EBW Policy Plan 2017-2020


  • 2019
    • upgrade website
    • upgrade information presentations
    • 4 ambassadorial meetings
    • recruitment of new ambassadors
    • employer guides made available
    • information meetings with the business community (e.g. CBR, De Eijk group)
    • pilot recruitment campaign for employers in the Utrecht area
  • 2020
    • website available in English
    • 2 ambassadorial meetings
    • participation in international training programme under Hans vd Velde
    • Launch EBW Awards
    • recruitment of international ambassadors


Directors and volunteers of EBW receive no salary for their work.
EBW is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under number 67768989.

RSIN: 857167236

Our assets are supplemented or maintained by means of private donations and donations from companies.

Annual Report EBW 2017

Annual Report EBW 2018

Annual Report EBW 2019