All noses the same way? Stop it! Stop it!

In work and neurodiversity by Geo

As a trainer/coach I am sometimes approached with the question if I can get a team "back on track" (tracks that of course go one way). Or the question if I can get the "noses all the same again". Of course, I used to do my best. The customer is king, isn't he? These days I see it differently. And I do it differently.

Utilizes neurodiversity
Because if we want to move forward, develop our organisation and be better able to withstand change, stress and pressure, we will have to change tack. And make the most of the differences between people. Especially when it comes to differences in thinking. We're talking about neurodiversity. In other words: different ways of thinking. Because with the ordinary thinking with which we have created our current problems, we do not solve those problems (who said that again?). This requires "different" thinking.

Thinking differently
And this different way of thinking usually comes from unexpected angles: with gifted people who think through (and because sometimes they are not able to communicate in a convenient way), with autistic people who are very good at recognizing patterns (but sometimes have trouble with humor), with ADHD people who are very good at managing a crisis but then immediately turn their attention to something else (and therefore certainly not voluntarily start administering and reporting) with dyslexics who do see the big picture and are able to think conceptually (but not like the small -and big- characters)....

"Ordinary" (not soBijzondere Breinen, say) people find it difficult to deal with people who think differently (Bijzondere Breinen). So we take them out, shut them down and don't bother. It's the easiest thing to do. Imagine if we learned how to deal with people who think a little differently? What good could that do? Not only extra brainpower and smart and fresh ideas. But also everyone's job satisfaction. Is that a good idea? But are you still in doubt because you don't know where to start? About how to use and exploit neurodiversity? Not just because as an organisation you take social, social responsibility? But also because it pays off? Then take a look around on this website. Do you have any questions? Ask them. We have an enormous network of professionals and experience experts in this field. Come on!

Geo van Dam