Manifesto: Use the power of different thinking

In work and neurodiversity by Geo

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The prevailing view seems to be that you shouldn't let people with mental health problems do their thinking. Because the mind is sick, that would not be good for them, and nothing decent comes out of it. This is a great and unjust misconception proven by history, which is neither good for people nor good for society. There are many examples of special thinkers with mental vulnerability who have made an important contribution to society. 

Even attempts to make use of the qualities of people with psychological vulnerability are still too often one-sidedly based on specific qualities directly linked to the vulnerability. In reality, people can do much more than we can predict on the basis of preconceptions or models (diagnoses, 'labels', etc.). This, too, is still a shortcoming for people and society.

People aren't their diagnosis. People with "mental vulnerability" can contribute substantially to solving (social) problems and issues. However, they are not involved and engaged, but excluded. The economic value of their brainpower is not seen now. That is a double sin. We must give people the opportunity to contribute in their own way, and in so doing show what is possible. 

We want a society in which as many people as possible, including those who act and think differently, are given the opportunity to participate fully and develop their talents to the full. If we learn to make good use of neurodiversity, society can become much more innovative, rich and beautiful as a result. 

We want to make a practical contribution to this. In 2020 we want to set up an inclusive think tank in 10 municipalities, businesses and GGZ institutions to work together to solve problems and issues out of the box. 

As soon as we have enough signatures, we'll go to politics with this idea. As a society, we cannot afford to waste so much thinking power. Can't we?

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Project Group Thinking Together within the New GGZ

Bianca van Beugen, Caroline Angenent, Tom Borst, Geo van Dam, Ido van der Waal